Fountain Department


Dieb Enterprises have refurbished countless Schroeder and Wunder-Bar Barguns throughout the years. Our standard process replaces all flavor buttons, O-Rings, and defective parts to create a completely remanufactured bargun. We use a four stage Ultra-Sonic cleaning process and maintain a strict restoration process to provide the highest quality control.  Each bargun is customized to customer specifications and upon the completion of the remanufacture process, the barguns are sanitized, bacteria tested and each box labeled to denote hose length, configuration and installation ready. Remanufacturing is an economical way to make sure you get the most out of your equipment.  Dieb can also customize the final labeling to include customer asset numbers, customer part numbers, or a bar code. 

Dieb will remanufacture your existing equipment to give it a new shine and polish along with a thorough cleaning procedure. We cycle the unit through our strict cleaning system, remove brass pump, seal, blast and sanitize.  Each Technician tests each unit then the unit goes through an additional test in the Quality Control Department.  Our remanufacturing process allows your existing equipment to provide continuous service for a fraction of the cost of a new one. 




Carbonators are pretested to find issues, torn down, cleaned, and reassembled, replacing missing and defective parts.  All carbonators are 100% quality controlled and sanitized for customer quality. 


The Management Systems are bead blasted, gauges replaced (as needed), and pressure tested.  All remanufactured Management Systems include a chain kit & wrenches to breath new life into your old regulator.


Valves are torn down to the component level and rebuilt with new O-Rings, nozzle, diffuser, paddle arms and other parts as needed.  The final step is to test for water leaks, electric test, and sanitize. 


Send Dieb your old Flojet G55 or N5000 Pumps.  We can also take your old used Fountain Pumps and recondition them into any numeric Pump Kit. All Pump Kits include the mounting hardware.  This can offer you considerable savings and decrease beverage dispense installation time. 


Dieb repairs and remanufactures the following Fountain products:


  • McCann Carbonators
  • Cornelius Carbonators
  • Lancer Carbonators


  • Juice Gun-Wunder-Bar
  • Thicken Gun-Wunder-Bar
  • Wine Gun-Wunder-Bar
  • 2 Button Wunder-Bar Energy Gun
  • 5 Button Wunder-Bar Premix
  • 7 Button Wunder-Bar Premix
  • 8 Button Schroeder & Wunder-Bar
  • 10 Button Schroeder & Wunder-Bar
  • 12 Button Schroeder & Wunder-Bar
  • 14 Button Schroeder & Wunder-Bar


  • C02 Regulators
  • Primary Regulators
  • Secondary Regulators
  • Management Regulators


  • Singles
  • 2 Pump Kits
  • 3 Pump Kits
  • 4 Pump Kits
  • We can also take your old used Fountain Pumps and recondition them into any numeric Pump Kit.


  • Flojet Fountain Pumps


  • LEV Valve
  • UF1 Valve
  • SFV1 Valve
  • Variety Valve