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A Message From The CEO Debra Politte

Dieb Enterprises, Inc., is a family owned and operated sales and full service organization. In our business, we remanufacture payment systems, fountain equipment, brewers and machine boards. In addition, we are a women owned business with over 40 years of experience in the vending and soft drink industry. Dieb is an Elite Service Center or partner with CPI, Conlux, Sodeco, Currenza, TriTeq, Keurig, Bunn and Crane.  Subsequently, over the past several years we expanded our business into the gaming, transit and kiosk markets.  Furthermore, Dieb continues to expand with additional markets and align ourselves with manufacturers that are leaders in the industry.  

We are a second generation family business that operates as an extension of our customers’ organizations.  Above all, we always operate our business with the premise that our employees and customers are treated as part of our business and family. 

At Dieb, we understand that if we don’t create a customer driven business, there is no business!  As a result, it’s only through our dedicated drive and continuous customer satisfaction that Dieb continues to grow in the industry.  As my father, Charles Cross, used to say, “In sales and service there is no such thing as a straight line.  If your company is not going up in sales, it’s going down.” Lastly, we continually strive to keep going up and attaining a larger customer base.

As President and CEO, I would like to say, “Thank You” for your business over the past 40 years.  In addition, if you are a new customer to Dieb Enterprises, Inc., just let me say, “Welcome to the Family.”

Website Why Dieb
  • Being selected by several manufacturers to maintain the products they produce, makes us highly rated in the refurbishment of the product.  
  • As an Authorized Service Center, we will update all software and have access to all manufacturer service procedures. 
  • Dieb is able to provide Manufacturer’s Warranty repairs.  Therefore, we will verify if the unit is under the manufacturer’s warranty even if the customer is not aware of a warranty. 
  • Products aren’t just repaired, we refurbish them!  Meaning units are refurbished to each customer’s profile standards. 
  • Several shipping or pickup options as well as delivery programs are offered to our customers.
  • Our sales staff travels the United States territory as well as in-house sales coordinators assist customers with their needs.
  • Quality Control Department review technician repairs that must meet a standard of less than 6% failure rate.

Our employees are here to serve you Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

We repair machine boards, carbonators, bill validators

Mission Statement

At Dieb Enterprises, our mission is to provide customers with the best possible service and to place our customers first in our thinking and in our actions.  Dieb Enterprises will ensure that customer service is a proficient habit performed every minute of everyday. 

Company History

Dieb Enterprises repairs coin mech, AMS & Picker Cups

Ruth and Charles Cross opened the doors to Midwest Associates in 1982 and employed two individuals.  Throughout the years, the family business continued to grow and soon Charles and Ruth were ready to pass the torch. As a result, this decision introduced Dieb Enterprises in to the picture which is owned by their two daughters, Debra and Diane.  Today, Debra Politte serves as the President for Dieb Enterprises with over 95 full-time employees.  That is to say, most of the employees at Dieb are residents of Jefferson County.  Additionally, the company works closely with local organizations, schools and Jefferson College to hire individuals for their employee base. 

The business is founded and expanded on the concept of high quality repairs at a competitive price. In addition, providing personalized service that matches each customer’s needs, allowing Dieb Enterprises to become an essential supplier.  However, remanufacturing and manufacturing is what the company was built on and continues to do so today.  Additionally, the sales staff at Dieb travels throughout the Midwest or we ship product coast to coast via freight lines.  

In addition, Dieb Enterprises, Inc., is managed and operated by the family believing strongly in supporting their community.  That is to say, giving back to local organizations is important to us. For instance, the highlight event is the company Christmas collection of food, toys and personal care products that are distributed to charities in the hometown area. 

Debra Politte & Diane Hunter Dieb Enterprises Owners
Sisters Diane Hunter and Debra Politte


Our Sales Staff has an impressive territory they cover to meet our customers in person for a more personal approach to business. For further information about our shipping program, click on the image to the right.